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Backup Policy

Backup Policy

This policy governs the use of the GlowFrog Hosting Automatic Backup Service or ABS. GlowFrog Hosting provides this backup service on a courtesy as-is basis. We offer no guarantee as to the reliability or availability of our Automatic Backup Service and it is strictly provided on a courtesy, as-is basis. GlowFrog Hosting assumes no liability as to the availability, existence, or completeness of backups. All Glowfrog Hosting clients are expected and encouraged to maintain backup copies of their own data. The responsibility of creating, maintaining, storing, downloading, and/or restoring backups falls solely on the client. You agree not to hold liable GlowFrog Hosting for any loss of data of or relating to the availability of backups or the backup service and/or pertaining to the Automatic Backup Service provided by GlowFrog Hosting.

Free Automated Backup Service (ABS)

Our Automated Backup System runs Weekly, every Saturday around 4am although, there is no “exact” time of day as that can vary depending upon account size and many other variables. Please keep this in mind when making major changes to your website and/or files.

TimeFrame and ETA’s

Each backup request is unique. GlowFrog understands that if you’ve submitted a back up request, something most likely went wrong! As such, we treat every back up request as a priority request which means it is automatically expedited. Please keep in mind, the time it takes to restore your backup depends on a few different variables.

Things that affect your backup restoration:

1. Communication – Our team may need to reach out to you for clarification. Please ensure that you are checking your primary email and responding in a timely manner to ensure the best possible time frame. It is never a good idea to use your domains email address as your primary email. If something goes wrong with the domain or you are experiencing a technical issue, we won’t be able to get in touch with you. Please instead use a yahoo, gmail or hotmail account or something of the like. Be sure to check your spam folder.

2. Account Size & Backup Type – Our automated backup system backs up your entire cPanel account. Even if you are only restoring “one small website” our team has to parse through the entire backup file to extract your files. The time it takes to do so and restore your files depends on the size of your account including email (yes even including your emails) and time it takes the system to restore the files. Please keep this in mind while waiting on a restoration. We appreciate your patience regarding the restoration and will work to restore your files promptly and diligently.

3. When You Submitted the Request – We prioritize every request but try to use our best judgment. Back up restorations are handled on a first come first serve basis however, some customers may request to have their backups done at a later time. We try to use our best judgment in processing restoration requests. For example, if you are running a business and something went wrong right before a time that you are expecting a huge influx in traffic and it is a pivotal time in your business, please include this in the additional details section. We try to prioritize those requests over less “critical” restoration requests such as, “I was building a blog and made a mistake and I don’t feel like figuring out what went wrong can you just restore the backup for me?” Please also keep this in mind when submitting your requests. While no one customer is more important than the other, we strive to provide quality service and the support we provide also depends largely on you as a customer in that you do not intentionally abuse or misuse our courtesy services.

4. Server Configuration(s) and Events – You may have made some changes that affect your files that you were unaware of or the server environment may have changed since your last backup was created which may affect your restoration. For example, our servers run on CentOS, with WHM and cPanel. If a security vulnerability was found, issued and patched in CentOS,  some configurations may have changed thus, causing errors in your site once it’s restored. These are generally minor errors and are considered non-issues because we can generally diagnose and address them as they come. It is just due to the server environment being different than it was before the time the backup was created and the older version of your site was “used” to the way the server was before. Please allow our team time to address these situations as they come. We are happy to correct these errors within our means as they arise.


Our Automated backup system is considered a courtesy and offered on an as-is, emergency basis.

The process is automatic. Due to the number of accounts we maintain we cannot check accounts individually to ensure that every account backs up accordingly. Please keep this into consideration.

Our Automated backups should not be relied upon as a primary source of backups. Should you chose to do so you are doing so at your discretion! GlowFrog Hosting is not liable for loss of data due to lack of a backup. You are still responsible for creating and maintaining your own backups!